Element (Wood) Diffuser

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Our modern Element Ultrasonic Diffuser will blend perfectly into any space. Easy to use and powerful, this diffuser is a fantastic option for new aromatherapy enthusiasts. With LED lights, this diffuser will add zen to your environment while scenting the air peacefully with pure essential oils.

• W. 11.5cm x L. 11.5cm x H. 8.7cm
• Electronic
• Max. water level: 150ml
• Runtime: Up to 6hrs
• LED colour light system
• Automatic turn off system when low water levels are detected

1. Remove the top cover, fill water tank with water using the measuring cup to the max level (150ml). Add 3-5 drops of essential oil for every 100ml of water.

2. Place the top cover back on the base. Ensure it closes all the way.

3. Insert the DC plug into DC jack on the bottom of the product.

4. Plug into power source and turn on the unit by pressing mist button.


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