Galentine's Day is February 13th: Here are 5 Fun Activities to do to Celebrate


Galentine’s Day is February 13th- a day to celebrate the friendships in our lives. There’s no reason romance can’t be a part of our platonic relationships too! So buy your friends flowers, write them an uplifting letter or take them to the movies. Here are a few more activities we’ve compiled for you and your gals to celebrate on Galentine’s Day. 


1. Have a pizza party competition

Put a spin on a pizza party and add a little edge with a playful competition. Have a selection of toppings- or get your friends to bring some of their favorites so there’s lots of variety. Everyone makes their own pizza and after baking them, cut a piece for everyone from each pie and let everyone judge which is tastiest. 


2. Host an at-home spa 

Spas are great to relax and recharge. But the “no talking” rules and costs can put a bit of a downer on your girl time. Consider hosting an at-home spa for your friends with face masks, sugar scrubs, and skin care for their use. Our brand-new Brightening Body and Firming Body Collections include lotion and serums that are great to nourish and boost all-over glow. 


3. Have a paint or craft night with wine or cocktails

Not too artistic or particularly creative? There’s no judgment when it comes to Galentine’s Day. So be a natural like Bob Ross or be closer to the skill of the zoo animals you see those painting videos of- just have fun and enjoy something different with your gals! Besides, coming for the crafts and staying for the wine is completely acceptable… right?! 

4. Go to a pottery or cooking class 

Picture Patrick Swayze in Ghost but make it more fun and slightly less cheesy- because it’s with your girls! But we definitely still recommend playing the Righteous Brothers.


5. Special Galentine’s Day themed yoga or meditation session 

Grab your mats and get the girls together for a special Galentine’s Day yoga session. Don’t forget to share positive affirmations with everyone to uplift each other's spirits. Bonus points to whoever wears the most red and pink!




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