How to Support the Asian and Pacific Islander Communities

In light of the surge of hate crimes and violence towards the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities, Scentuals recognizes the importance of using our platform to amplify the voices of the API communities. We are committed to standing in solidarity to challenge the status quo and create lasting change.

For Asian Heritage Month, we have decided to donate 10% of net proceeds from all skincare products to the Yarrow Intergenerational Society of Justice. 

We are proud to share that we will also be donating 50% of net proceeds from our Vanilla Tangerine Hand & Body Lotion sales on May 29th and 30th to the Hua Foundation.

The Hua Foundation aims to create safe spaces where individuals can reclaim and find pride in their heritage, racialized identities, themselves, and their communities, at their own pace. The mission of the Hua Foundation is to empower East Asian diasporic youth, in solidarity with other communities, to challenge, change, and create systems for a more equitable future.

Their work focuses on racial equity and civic engagement by building community capacity. The Hua Foundation believes that race equity means acknowledging, accounting for, and removing structural barriers of the past and present for racialized people in order to create a more equitable society. They also believe in empowering racialized people as owners, planners, and decision-makers.  

In response to the challenges and new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hua Foundation’s Race & Equity Project consists of:

  • Connecting people with the tools to take action at all levels to address racism and discrimination
  • Sharing resources that empower people to process and response to their own experiences of racism
  • Building a supportive community network that supports and amplifies the work of other community organizations 

Here are more ways you can help:

  • Support Asian-owned and Pacific Islander-owned businesses
  • Amplify the voices of the API communities
  • Start a conversion and be ready to listen and learn
  • Learn more about the history of Asians in Canada
  • Speak up when you witness anti-Asian racism 
  • Report hate crimes 
  • Donate & volunteer

Additional resources can be found here.

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