Gift Guide For Wellness-Focused Moms

From yoga to herbal remedies, there are many different ways to focus on both physical and mental wellbeing. We have compiled a list of various Scentuals products that support overall balance and the ongoing wellness journey.

Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

Our aromatherapy roll-ons offer 100% natural, portable remedies for everyday ailments with the use of pure essential oils- expertly blended to support mom’s wellness. From headaches to sore muscles and from needing more balance or to de-stress, we have a roll-on for her. 

Essential Oils

There are many benefits and various ways to use essential oils. From using them as substitutes for chemical based household cleaners, to adding them to your laundry for a natural fresh scent- essential oils are very versatile. We offer a wide variety of pure essential oils and essential oil blends to help calm and relax or boost mood, focus and energy levels. If your mother already has an essential oils collection, consider gifting her a new blend- like our Sunshine, Ritual and Peace blends. 


As discussed previously, there are many wellness benefits to essential oils. Gift her a sense of calm, relaxation or energy and invigoration with essential oils in her space with the use of a diffuser. Diffusers convert the diluted essential oils into a cool mist which transmits into the air. We have many stylish options to choose from, including our best selling Rejuvenate Diffuser

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