How Not to Lose Your Lip Balm

With so many options to choose from these days, it’s hard finding a lip balm that your lips love. Once you find that perfect lip balm- how do you avoid losing it? It’s been an ongoing battle for so many of us- I’d go so far as to say lip balms are the bobby pins of skincare, and keeping track of them seems to be next to impossible. 

Well, we’re here for you, and we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to do all we can to hold onto our precious lip balms, once and for all. 


1. Create reminders

Set up an alarm on your phone or in your calendar or reminders app to notify you around the time you leave the house each day. Reading that “Don’t forget your lip balm!” will save you from the cracked lip panic later in the day. Not much of a techy? Good old-fashioned sticky notes work too! Post it on the door so it’s the last thing you see when heading out. Get in the habit of repeating to yourself “phone, wallet, keys, lip balm” every time you leave so your necessities are always in tow. 


2. Have a designated spot for your lip balm at home

We are creatures of habit, and getting into the habit of leaving your lip balms in the same location daily is a great habit to get into. We asked our team here at Scentuals and most people said their preferred place to keep their lip balm was where they kept their keys every night- generally in a dish by the door. We also heard a few others say they liked to keep theirs in the bathroom, so they can ensure their lip care is incorporated into their skincare routine steps daily.  


3. Invest in a holder, keychain, or carabiner

There are some handy products out there that help organize and keep things where they should be. We suggest investing in a holder, keychain, or carabiner product that will hold your lip balm in place and allow it to attach to your purse, backpack, keys, lanyard, etc. for safekeeping whenever you need it. 


4. Have a designated purse, backpack, and/or bag lip balm

There’s only one rule when it comes to designated purse, backpack, and bag lip balms- don’t take them out. EVER. By having a designated lip balm in your purse, backpack, or bag you can rest assured knowing that you’re always covered and your lips healthy and hydrated while on the go.   


5. Have a designated car, desk, locker, makeup bag, carry-on… everywhere lip balm.

We’re pretty confident that the trick to not losing a lip balm is to have one pretty much everywhere you go and wherever you might need one. If there is one in your car, on your desk at your office, in your locker at school or work, in your makeup bag and stored in your carry-on, you’ll always have one easily accessible and will be able to kiss dry, cracked, and flaky lips goodbye. Just make sure you keep them in their spots and resist the temptation to pop them in your pocket! 


6. Be prepared- stock up!

We do all we can to avoid losing our lip balm but the reality is that some will go missing. If not for being misplaced, they may just be “borrowed” by friends or family because it’s just that good. We suggest backups and stocking up when you can so you’re ready to call in reinforcements or replacements for empties. Luckily, Scentuals has 100% natural nourishing lip conditioners in 5 different scent options; Scentfree, Peppermint Twist, Grapefruit Burst, Vanilla Tangerine, and Coconut Breeze- so your lips get ultimate nourishment while having the pleasure of variety. 

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