Rosewater Toner: Meet The Ingredient Everyone's Skin is Loving

It seems that more and more people are turning to natural products when it comes to their daily skincare regimen. One of the more popular natural products that people are turning to is the rosewater facial toner. This toner is made by distilling Damask rose petals with steam. Although this toner started gaining popularity in the past couple of years, people have actually benefited from it for centuries.

What is a Facial Toner? 

Ideally applied after your facial cleanser, the main purpose of a toner is to provide an extra cleansing step by removing any dirt or dead skin cells that the cleanser may leave behind. Although some people tend to think a toner isn’t needed, they may not realize that their cleanser rarely gets rid of all daily dirt and dead skin cells on their face and neck.

A facial toner also makes your skin smoother and prepares your face for other products that you will apply, like serums, beauty oils and moisturizers. Toners are also known to minimize blackheads and to hydrate the skin. However, most toners that are available on the market today contain a high concentration of alcohol or other harsh chemical based ingredients. As such, if you have dry and sensitive skin, these toners can cause further irritation and skin to become even more dry. These are some of the main reasons why people are avoiding these harsh ingredients and turning to natural products like our 100% Natural Rose Facial Toning Mist which contains rose water, aloe to soothe and hyaluronic acid to plump and moisturize skin. Here are 4 other reasons why this toner makes a great addition to your skincare routine;


1. It Hydrates the Skin 

One of the reasons why people use rosewater is because it helps to hydrate the skin. Because it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it can enhance your skin's barrier, as well as minimize percutaneous water loss. The result of this is that the sebaceous glands do not produce additional oil in order to make up for skin that is too dry.


2. It Treats Particular Skin Ailments 

Rosewater is known to treat various skin conditions as a result of its anti-inflammatory properties. If you have rosacea, a skin ailment which is characterized by red bumps, redness and noticeable blood vessels, rose water can help to reduce the irritation and redness that this condition causes. It is also a good treatment for conditions such as eczema, dry and flaky skin, acne, and psoriasis. Rose water is also ideal for people who have very sensitive skin.

3. It’s Perfect For Every Skin Type- Even Sensitive Ones!

    Our formula is made from quality natural ingredients, and is pH balanced which ensures it’s gentle and won’t strip skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

    4. Use It Whenever, Wherever

      AM, PM and every time in between- this product is great for cleansing and adding moisture when you wake up, prep for bed or when your skin needs a refresh while on the go. 

      If you’ve tried toners in the past that haven’t worked for your skin, or you’re just starting to learn about toners- we think you’ll love the many skin benefits of a rosewater toner and invite you to browse our full collection of toners for the perfect product for your skin. 

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