Cinnamon Essential Oil

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Add a touch of cinnamon.

Ease the mind with this deeply comforting spicy, warm essential oil to reduce anxiety, improve exhaustion, and promote calmness.

Uses: Anxiety, Stress, Exhaustion

Recommended Blends: Ylang ylang, Sweet Orange, Lemon



Recyclable Glass Bottles

1) Use with diffusers like our Revitalize and Rejuvenate diffusers.
2) Add to unscented cleaning products or water and spray on linens. 

Please note: due to the particular nature of cinnamon, this pure essential oil is not recommended for use on skin, unless heavily diluted with a carrier oil, as it may cause irritation. Cinnamon oil doesn’t mix with water. Never pour undiluted oil directly into bathwater, as it’ll bead and can burn or irritate skin.


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