How to Support Men’s Health Issues

November is Movember.


Join the movement to raise awareness on men’s health issues.


Men’s mental health, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer are rarely talked about. We need to challenge the status quo and destigmatize men’s health issues. How? One way we can start is by starting a conversation to raise awareness and support men’s health initiatives. 


This month, we’ll be supporting men’s health issues by donating 20% of net proceeds from our Invigorate Collection to the Canadian Cancer Society


Here are more ways you can help:

  • Grow a moustache this month to show your solidarity with the Movember movement
  • Participate in Move for Movember, a 60km run for the 60 men lost to suicide every hour across the world
  • Host your own Movember event to raise awareness and funds
  • Start a conversion and be there to listen
  • Stay connected and regularly check in with the men in your lives
  • Create a safe space for men to talk about their mental health 
  • Donate & volunteer

Additional resources can be found here.

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