Top 10 Essential Oils That Help with Anxiety

If you’re struggling with anxiety, you might be relieved to learn that there are essential oils that have been shown to significantly reduce stress, help relaxation, and uplift your mood. 

How Do Essentials Oils Work?


Essential oils are plant extracts. The act of steaming or pressing parts of a plant (such as fruit, flowers, leaves, or bark) captures the compounds that create fragrance. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits through the practice of aromatherapy. 

How Can You Use Essential Oils?

It is recommended to always choose high quality, therapeutic-grade oils. It should also be noted that essential oils should never be ingested.

Here are some safe and effective ways of incorporating aromatherapy into your daily self care routine:

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aromatherapy Diffuser

These are electronic devices that diffuse essential oils into a fine mist that fills your space. Simply add water and a few drops of essential oils (according to your own preferences, but generally around 5 to 20 drops). Then, press the power button and enjoy the healing benefits (and lovely smells).

Massage Oils

Scentuals Calming Lavender Massage Oil

Essential oils are often too strong to apply to the skin alone. We always suggest mixing our essential oils with a carrier oil or lotion if you intend to use it on your body. Our new Calming Lavender Massage Oil is blended with pure lavender essential oil for relaxation and jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oils to deeply nourish and restore moisture. 

Roll Ons

Scentuals Portable Roll On

These are convenient and portable aromatherapy solutions! A blend of essential oils and a carrier oil are packed into a glass bottle with a roller ball so you can get your aromatherapy fix on the go! Apply to specific areas such as the inside of your wrists, temples, jawline for targeted results.

10 Essential Oils That Help With Anxiety

1. LavenderScentuals Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy because of its distinctive herbaceous and floral aroma. Lavender oil has been shown in clinical studies to help manage anxiety and depression. It can also be used to help combat insomnia and to calm a nervous stomach. 

2. Jasmine

Jasmine has a sweet, romantic fragrance. This essential oil is known for its mood-boosting and uplifting effects. 

3. Bergamot

This essential oil comes from bergamot oranges, so it has a refreshing citrus scent. Bergamot is known for inspiring positive emotions and for easing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

4. Chamomile

You may know chamomile as a type of herbal tea, but this soothing plant is also used in aromatherapy. Add a few drops of chamomile to a diffuser, lotion, or into a warm bath to wind down at the end of a long day and calm the mind and body. 

5. Rose

The soft floral scent of rose helps to ease stress, restlessness, and insomnia. Rose absolute helps to instil a sense of comfort and support calm and relaxation. 


6. LemongrassScentuals Lemongrass Essential Oil

This fresh, citrusy aroma brightens your mood and reduces feelings of anxiety and tension. Lemongrass also eases fatigue by awakening the mind with its invigorating effects.

7. Ylang Ylang

The rich, flowery, slightly fruity scent of ylang ylang comes from a tropical flower of a Canaga tree. Ylang ylang is known for its calming effects. 

8. Frankincense

This sweet, woody essential oil has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties. Frankincense is known to reduce stress in the mind and body. 

9. Clary Sage

Clary sage has an herbal, woody scent that is known to calm and comfort  the mind and body. 


10. Marjoram

The warm, herbal aroma of marjoram essential oil helps to soothe anxiety and restlessness. This essential oil has been used in aromatherapy for centuries to calm nervousness.


Aromatherapy can help ease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Using essential oils is easy, affordable, and makes your space smell great. Create your own blend by combining our single origin essential oils or use our essential oil blends to change up the ambiance of any space.

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